Actual project
Start: 6/2014
End: 8/2015
Price: 31,7mil. Kč
Press news
The structual working on our new commission "Construction of a fire station" is in process since July 2014. At the moment, it is completely done PREFA skeleton of the whole building. We are starting with a brick up of internal and external masonry with working on sewer and water connections, steel's locksmithing construction of skylight...
JMA was working on construction work of nursery school Mozaika - It was  mainly about energy saving, access to building for a people with a reduced ability and orientation also for location few new bench's, building new gaming elements  to garden and parking places. This commission was finished in October, right now is in working,by...
The President chamber of Commerce Vladimír Dlouhý, visited former industries area in one part of Třebíč called Borovina. He said a lot of compliments about this project. On this project participate our company JMA. Mr. Dlouhý also said many compliments because of good cooperation between city and private sector and efective use of funds from EU....

Business plans and strategies

JMA is a versatile construction company, providing the management and execution of civil and industrial construction. It makes public and private investors’ ideas come true.

Our vision is to be a dependable construction contractor and trustworthy partner to each investor on the Czech construction market. JMA is a company with continually growing production and market value, and is managed at a level compliant with EU standards.

JMA’s principal strategic aim is to achieve the position of an exceptionally prosperous Czech construction company with a continually increasing market value.

The company operates in all lines of construction work throughout the Czech Republic. It focuses its attention on commissions in its home regions, i.e. Vysočina (Highlands) and South Moravia.

We intend to further advance our development business in housing as well as industrial construction. We will also continue to improve the conditions for our work in building management.

Facing tough business competition, JMA will continue to offer a sound price policy and openness to customer requirements, based on fully guaranteed quality, terms and deadlines in our construction work.