Actual project
Start: 6/2014
End: 8/2015
Price: 31,7mil. Kč

Others real estated
  Code Info Price
In lease Flat No.1  1+kk 399.024,- Kč 
In lease Studio 01   428.690,- Kč 
Have been sold Studio 02    
In lease Flat No.2  2+kk 428.690,- Kč 
In lease Flat No.3  2+kk 427.266,- Kč 
Have been sold Studio 03    
Have been sold Flat No.4  2+kk  
Have been sold Studio 04    
Have been sold Studio 05    
In lease Flat No.5  1+kk 411.165,- Kč 
In lease Studio 06    
In lease Flat No.7  1+kk 341.058,- Kč 
In lease Flat No.8  1+kk 385.504,- Kč 
In selling Flat No.10  1+kk 418.975,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 14  1+kk 431.724,- Kč 
In lease Flat No. 16  1+kk 358.111,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 19  1+kk 438.926,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 23  1+kk 460.037,- Kč 
Have been sold Flat No. 25  1+kk  
In lease Flat No. 26  1+kk 424.054,- Kč 
07 Studio 07
Project: Rezidence na Hradě - Třebíč, Borovina
Status: In lease
Code: 07
Level: 1
Total area: 61,12m2 
The first floor Residence offers residential premises for sale with the possibility for services (beauty salon, hairdresser ...) and small shops. The current plan shows 7 possibilities of commercial space. Spaces can be customized to your requirements.