Actual project
Start: 6/2014
End: 8/2015
Price: 31,7mil. Kč

Others real estated
  Code Info Price
In lease Flat No.1  1+kk 399.024,- Kč 
In lease Studio 01   428.690,- Kč 
In lease Flat No.2  2+kk 428.690,- Kč 
Have been sold Studio 02    
Have been sold Studio 03    
In lease Flat No.3  2+kk 427.266,- Kč 
Have been sold Flat No.4  2+kk  
Have been sold Studio 04    
Have been sold Studio 05    
In lease Flat No.5  1+kk 411.165,- Kč 
In lease Studio 06    
In lease Flat No.7  1+kk 341.058,- Kč 
In lease Studio 07    
In lease Flat No.8  1+kk 385.504,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 14  1+kk 431.724,- Kč 
In lease Flat No. 16  1+kk 358.111,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 19  1+kk 438.926,- Kč 
In selling Flat No. 23  1+kk 460.037,- Kč 
Have been sold Flat No. 25  1+kk  
In lease Flat No. 26  1+kk 424.054,- Kč 
10 Flat No.10
Project: Rezidence na Hradě - Třebíč, Borovina
Status: In selling
Code: 10
Type: 1+kk
Level: 3
Total area: 50,94m2 
Living area: 46,64m2 
External area: balcony 
Price: 418.975,-CZK 
One bedroom size flat (on 3rd floor) in Třebíč, Borovina, in the newly prepared housing complex. Quality material construction (flooring, doors and door frames imitation wood floors and the bathrooms are ceramic ...)

Disposition - hallway, bathroom, living room with kitchenette and sleeping area, balcony.
Common areas of the house: entrance hall, lounge, bicycles, drying room, store. Location - nice and quiet place.
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Town: Třebíč, Koželužská
Location: The property is situated close to the Koželužská str. at a bus stop. All infrastructure close, public transport available. Not far from the city center. Parking available. Accessibility of nature, forest park  with a cycling path.
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Status of offer: for sale
Amount of 416904,-  is a Member deposit 30% of the price.
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Water: water supply
Wiring: 220
Sewerage: yes
Heating: central heat
Sociání equipment: new - excellent
Basement: yes
Garage: no
Telephone: yes
Elevator: yes
Parking: parking place near the house